Curriculum Vita

Karen M. Palmer


  • PhD in Women’s Studies, with high distinction, Trinity Theological Seminary, 2015. Dissertation title: Clarifying God’s Purpose for Women Today: A Rhetorical Analysis of Women’s Words Through History.
  • MA in Rhetoric and Composition, with distinction, Northern Arizona University, 2000
  • BA in English, magna cum laude, Northern Arizona University, 1998

Teaching Experience

  • Full Time Faculty, Yavapai College, Fall 2018 to present
  • One Semester Temporary Faculty, Yavapai College, Fall 2017
  • Adjunct Faculty, Yavapai College, Summer 2003-Summer 2018
  • Adjunct Faculty, Glendale Community College, Summer 2000-Summer 2018
  • OSO Faculty, Glendale Community College, Fall 2000
  • Faculty Associate, Grand Canyon University, January 2001-December 2002.
  • Adjunct Faculty, Grand Canyon University, Fall 2000.
  • Faculty Associate, Arizona State University,  Fall 2001 and Fall 2009
  • Adjunct Faculty, Coconino Community College,  Fall 2003 and Spring 2009
  • Associate Faculty, Northern Arizona University, Fall 2003
  • Teaching Assistant, Northern Arizona University, Spring 1999-Spring 2000

Courses Taught with Catalog Descriptions:

Since 1999, I have designed curriculum and taught courses ranging from developmental to upper division level composition courses to students with diverse backgrounds in a variety of formats, including on campus, hybrid, and online.  I have attained Quality Matters certification on four of my courses: ENG 101, ENG 102, ENG 210, and ENG 237 (ENG 237 in process as of 10/1/2020). As of Fall 2020, all of these courses are taught using OER textbooks that I created.

Yavapai College

  • ENG 100: Introductory Composition. Introduction to basic writing, reading and research skills required for success in college.
  • ENG 101:  College Composition I.  (OER & QM) Composing expository and argumentative essays. Emphasis on the processes of writing, reading, and critical thinking. Introduction to research and documentation.
  • ENG 102: College Composition II. (OER (ip) & QM) Extensive critical reading and writing about texts. Emphasis on fluency in critical writing. Includes research skills and writing a critical, documented essay.
  • ENG 114: Basics of APA Style. Basics of APA Style, including manuscript structure and content, style, mechanics, and citation.
  • ENG 237: Women in Literature: (OER & QM) Survey of women in literature from ancient Greece to present with emphasis on images of female protagonists as portrayed by male and female authors.
  • ENG 210: Introduction to Rhetoric: (OER & QM) Students study important works concerning theories of invention, arrangement, style, and delivery. Students will develop their written voice to enhance all aspects of communication to carry out work and persuasion. Students will apply rhetorical theories to a variety of material, print, and digital forms of communication.

Arizona State University

  • English 101. Discovering, organizing, and developing ideas in relation to the writer’s purpose, subject, and audience. Emphasizes modes of written discourse and effective use of rhetorical principles.
  • English 102. Critical reading and writing, emphasis on strategies of academic discourse. Requires research papers.

Coconino Community College

  • ENG 101:  College Composition I.  Extensive practice in critical reading, thinking, and writing, with emphasis on using the writing process to communicate in multiple formats, both formal and informal, and for multiple audiences and purposes. Includes documented research.

Glendale Community College

  • English 101: First Year Composition. Standard English writing skills, emphasis on expository composition. 
  • English 102: First Year Composition. Continued development of standard English writing skills. Introduction to research, note taking, organization, and documentation in the preparation and writing of a research paper.

Grand Canyon University

  • UNV 105: Writing Experience I. A course for students whose SAT or ACT scores indicate their need for a review of writing skills and strategies. UNV 105 reviews fundamentals such as grammar and sentence structure, as well as basics of topic selection, brainstorming activities, reading critically, and outlining. Students will begin with simple writing tasks, but will progressively increase from single paragraph construction to the five-paragraph model.
  • UNV 110: Writing Experience II. A course for students whose SAT or ACT scores indicate their need for a review of writing skills and strategies. UNV 110 reviews fundamentals such as grammar and sentence structure, as well as the basics of topic selection, brainstorming activities, reading critically, and outlining. Students will begin with simple writing tasks, but will progressively increase from single paragraph construction to writing college-level papers.
  • English 101: Academic Writing (retired). A course in writing academic prose, including various types of writing.
  • English 102: Research Writing (retired). A course exploring various types of research writing, with a focus on constructing essays, arguments, and research reports based on primary and secondary sources.
  • English 105: English Composition I. This is a course in writing academic prose, including various types of essays, arguments, and constructions. A writing-intensive course.
  • English 106: English Composition II. This course explores various types of research writing, with a focus on constructing essays, arguments, and research reports based on primary and secondary sources. A writing-intensive course.
  • English 201: Intermediate Grammar. A review of basic English syntax, form, and mechanics. The course also introduces principles of grammar and linguistics.
  • English 301: Advanced Composition. A course for students who wish to develop their skills in academic and nonfiction writing. A Writing-Intensive course.
  • English 315:  English in Its Social and Historical Settings. An exploration of the historical development of English and its variations across social contexts. Prerequisite: ENG 201 or instructor’s approval.

Northern Arizona University

  • English 305w: Disciplinary Writing. (online) Assists with writing expectations and performances required in specific majors; all assignments, strategies, and theories attend to the specific genres and conventions of academic disciplines and departments. This course fulfills NAU’s junior-level writing requirement.
  • English 105 Critical Reading and Writing in the University Community. Writing skills for completing university coursework.
  • English 205 The Academic Writer’s Workshop. Reading and writing skills in response to academic texts.

Additional Related Experience:

  • Writing Lab, Yavapai College. Fall 2019 to present. Created the Writing Lab with Sandi Van Lieu. Tasked with hiring and supervising student tutors. With the onset of Covid 19, moved the lab to an online format using Calendly and Zoom. Created tracking forms, follow up e-mails, etc using Calendly and Teams. Created a Writing Lab Canvas course with training for tutors.
  • How to Teach Composition In Service Workshop, 2018. Composition instruction workshop for teachers (grades K-12) at Camp Verde United Christian School covering a wide variety of topics, including the foundations of rhetoric, the writing process, curriculum development, and designing rubrics.
  • Writing Co-op, 2011-2013. Writing instruction for students ranging in age from K-8th grade.
  • Private Tutor, 2007.  Private sessions teaching literature and writing to two home schooled high school students. 
  • Tutor in Grand Canyon University Academic Support Center, 2001. The ASC at Grand Canyon was developed in part because of the integration of writing across the curriculum. Each student at GCU was required to take two upper division writing intensive courses, one in the student’s major and one in another discipline. As a result, the writing center saw a diverse population of students who brought papers from every discipline for matters including grammar, content, and citation style.
  • Tutor in Northern Arizona University Writing Workshop, Spring 1999. The writing workshop served students from all levels of the university, from basic writers to graduate students. Students brought in basic term papers, resumes, lab reports, and even theses and dissertations with problems including grammar, organization, and writing block.

Presentations and Speaking Engagements

Composition/Instruction Related

  • Just Getting Started: A Crash Course in Open Educational Resources (OER) for the Newbie. Presentation 2022 Arizona Regional OER Conference, March 3, 2022.
  • Reimagining Textbooks: Lessons Learned from Creating OER Texts. Presentation AWHE Conference, June 3, 2021.
  • Lessons Learned from Creating OER Texts: presentation for faculty at YC Summer Insitute, May 19, 2021.
  • Introduction to APA Formatting: ENG Department Professional Development Day, Spring 2019.
  • Arizona Women in Higher Education Conference. Creating Culture in the Online Classroom: Transcending Barriers to Success. June 2018.
  • Conference on College Composition and Communication. Alternative Rhetorics: When Faith Meets Feminism in the Classroom. March 22, 2002. (proposal accepted, was not able to attend due to pregnancy)
  • Northern Arizona University Graduate English Studies Symposium: Definitions of Diversity, Diverse Disciplines. Back to the Future: Applying Classical Rhetoric to Modern Composition Theory. March 24, 2000.
  • Northern Arizona University Fifth Graduate Student Research Exposition. Application of Classical Rhetoric to Modern Composition Theory. March 16, 2000.

Community Involvement

  • “Ruth Chapter 4” Bible Study, Parkside Women, March 2020.
  • “Purposeful Living” Parkside Women’s Retreat, March 2019.
  • “Strong Girls, Soft Heart” Back to School Program Parkside Youth August 2018
  • “Identity Crisis”: Parkside Women’s Retreat March 2018
  • Camp Verde United Christian School. The Art of Teaching Writing: January 2018
  • Women’s Leadership Team Parkside Church. 2017 to present
  • Creating Christmas Traditions. My Intentional Home Workshop. 11/18/17.
  • Preparedness on a Budget. My Intentional Home Workshop. 4/18/17.
  • Why Cleaning is Important. My Intentional Home Workshop. 1/17/17.

Organization and Goal Setting for Professionals


Palmer, Karen. 2020. The Worry Free Writer. OER Composition Textbook.

Palmer, Karen. 2020. Say Her Name. OER Women in Literature Textbook.

Palmer, Karen. 2020.  Diving Into Rhetoric. OER Introduction to Rhetoric Textbook.

Palmer, Karen and Sandi Van Lieu. 2020. The RoughWriter’s Guide. OER Writing Handbook.

Palmer, Karen. Clarifying God’s Purpose for Women in Ministry Today: A Rhetorical Analysis of Women’s Words Through History. Dissertation, Trinity Theological Seminary, July 2015.

—–. “Triple Strength.” 2014. Networking Times (July 2014).

O’Higgins, Judy, Karen Palmer, and Kristi Lee. 2012. “You Can Do It!—From Procrastination to Productivity.”  Networking Times (January 2012).

O’Higgins, Judy, Kristi Lee, and Karen Palmer. 2010. License to Dream: Every Woman’s Guide to Financial Freedom through Network Marketing. Salt Lake City: Eagle One Publishing.

Palmer, Karen. 4/8/10. “Creating Relationships with Your Kids: Turn Drive Time into Mommy & Me Time.”

Palmer, Karen. 3/26/10. “Five Simple Ways to Incorporate Your Kids into Your Daily Routine.”

Palmer, Karen. 2009. License To Play: You Can Be the Mom of Your Dreams. Our Little Books.

Palmer, Karen. 2003. “Seeing God as Your Daddy.”  It’s a Girl Thing

Institutional Service

  • Camp Verde High School CE Program Manager, Spring 2022-present
  • YC AWHE Team, Spring 2022 to present
  • College Council 2.0, Spring 2022
  • Faculty Senate, Fall 2021 to present
    • Interim Co-President December 2021-present
  • OER Faculty Facilitator, Fall 2021-present
  • Academic Master Plan Committee (alternate), Fall 2020 to present
  • Gen Ed Committee, Yavapai College, Fall 2020 to present
    • Chair, Spring 2021 to present
    • Gen Ed ATF Representative, Fall 2021-present
  • Shakespeare on Stage, Summer 2020
  • Teaching and Learning Committee, Yavapai College, Spring 2020-2021.
  • Writing Lab Director, Fall 2020 to present
  • Writing Lab Co-Director, Fall 2019 to Spring 2020
  • Dual Enrollment Committee, Spring 2019 to present
  • ENG Dual Enrollment Coordinator, Spring 2019 to present
  • English Club Co-Advisor, Fall 2018 to Spring 2020
  • ENG 101 Faculty Lead, Fall 2018 to present
  • AWHE (Arizona Women in Higher Education) Representative, Yavapai College, Fall 2018-present
    • Digital Events Committee Chair 2020-21
    • State Co-Chair Fall 2021-Spring 2023
  • Budget and Composition Committee, Yavapai College, Fall 2018 – present.
  • English ATF Coordinator, Yavapai College, Fall 2018-Spring 2021.
  • 6×16 Blogging Challenge, Yavapai College, Fall 2018, Fall 2019, Fall 2020
  • YC Essential Standards Mentor Team, Yavapai College. Spring 2018
  • Voluntary Online Course Peer Reviewer, Glendale Community College. Spring 2018.
  • CTLE 6×6 Blogging Challenge, Glendale Community College, Spring 2018.
  • AWHE (Arizona Women in Higher Education) Representative, Glendale Community College, Fall 2017-2018
  • Curriculum Committee, Yavapai College, Fall 2017
  • Decennial General Education Review Work Group, Yavapai College, Fall 2017
  • ENG 101 E-Course Assessment Creation Team, Glendale Community College, Summer 2017.
  • 9x9x25 Blogging Challenge, Yavapai College, Fall 2015

Community Involvement

  • Camp Verde High School—Assisting the needs of rural schools through expanding DE program to include CE. With early intervention, I was able to get funding for DE students at CVHS to take their courses through CE at YC when the decisions made by admin at CVHS eliminated DE for students choosing to continue schooling online due to Covid.  
  • United Christian School Jr. High Teaching Mentor. 2019-2020. Designed curriculum for 7th and 8th grade and volunteered to assist with teaching Algebra.
  • Parkside Church Women’s Leadership Team, 2017-Fall 2020
  • My Intentional Home Leadership Team, 2016-2018
  • New Braunfels Women’s Chamber of Commerce Board, President, 2015; Vice President, 2014; Treasurer, 2011-2013.

Certificates Held

  • Quality Matters Peer Reviewer
  • State of Arizona Community College Teaching Certificate
  • State of Arizona Substitute Certificate


  • Recognition at the Honors Program Faculty Appreciation Dinner, Spring 2021
  • YC Roughrider Salute, April 2021
  • YC Roughrider High Five Award, October 2020
  • Recognition at the Honors Program Faculty Appreciation Dinner, Spring 2019
  • Nominated for the 2019 GIFT Award

Personal & Professional Development

  • AWHE Conference, April 8-10, 2022.
  • HLC Conference, April 1-5, 2022.
  • AZ Transfer Summit 2022, March 24-25, 2022.
  • 2022 Arizona Regional OER Conference, March 3-4, 2022.
  • TYCA West, February 11-12, 2022.
  • 2021 NACEP National Conference, October 24-26, 2021.
  • 2021 Open Ed Conference, October 18-22, 2021.
  • 2021 AGLS Constitute, September 23-30, 2021.
  • NACEP “Taking the Duel out of Dual Credit.” July 8, 2021.
  • NACEP “The Classroom Visit.” June 23, 2021.
  • AWHE 2021 Conference, June 2021.
  • YC Summer Institute 2021
  • Outward Mindset, January 2021
  • 2020 Leadership in Higher Education Conference, October 2020
  • Relationship Marketing Grand Summit, September 2020
  • Quality Matters Peer Reviewer Application Approved, August 2020
  • Quality Matters PRC, July 2020
  • Quality Matters APPQMR, June 2020
  • Teaching Online Training Course Yavapai College, Spring 2020
  • OER Training Course Yavapai College, Spring 2020
  • Quality Matters IYOC Yavapai College, May 2018, Mar 2019, May 2020
  • Arizona Dual Enrollment Conference, February 28, 2020
  • GCC Assessment Program, Fall 2017
  • Arizona Women in Higher Education Conference, May 2017, May 2018, May 2019, June 2021
  • ANMP, May 2015.
  • Houston MRM (Master Relationship Marketing), April 2015.
  • A SoftChalk Short Course, August 2014
  • Treat ‘em Right Seminar, 2008-2014.
  • Canvas Basics, March 2013
  • Canvas Assessment, March 2013
  • GCC Gold Star Certification, 2010
  • Quality Matters, May 2010
  • Call to Action Seminar, April 2008. 
  • CCC Teaching & Learning Conference. August 2003.
  • Blackboard 6 Training. Yavapai College. May 22, 2003.
  • Western States Composition Conference. Writing: What is it? Why Study it? Why Teach it? October 2001.
  • ASU Second Annual Conference for Faculty and Teaching Assistants. The ASU Classroom: “Engaging Students with Diverse Ways of Learning.” September 2001.
  • Conference on College Composition and Communication Annual Convention. March 2001.
  • GCC Assessment Program. August 2000.
  • NAU Graduate College Survival Skills Workshop: Job Hunting and Teaching in the Community College. March 2000.
  • NAU Graduate College Survival Skills Workshop: Creating Your Teaching Portfolio. February 2000.