26 Assignment: Explore Your Topic

There are many times in life when we must explore our options. Whether we are choosing what vehicle to purchase, what school to go to, or which person to hire for a position, we have to think through all the options and through our own biases so we can make an objective decision.

For this assignment, you’re going to be exploring ideas for your final argument paper. Choose a non-profit organization–an organization whose goal is to help others and/or make the world a better place. You may choose an organization you already support, one that you want to learn more about, or one that serves a cause you care about.

Some ideas include…
MADD, Homeless shelter/food bank, Animal shelter, YMCA, Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, A school, Make a wish, or a Military support organization. You might even choose a small group, like the NBWCC, a women’s networking group who works to raise money for scholarships.

Your job this week is to explore your feelings about this cause/organization. Think through why this is important to you–and why it might be important to your classmates.

Write a short, 1-2 page paper exploring your ideas on the organization/cause you chose this week. Tell readers what organization you chose and what cause the organization supports. Explain why you chose this organization/cause. What do you believe to be true about this topic? Consider what in your background, education, history, family, friendships, upbringing, and work experience has helped you come to the conclusions you have reached about the topic. Why do you believe what you do?


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