16 Assignment: Writing a Draft

Dr. Karen Palmer

It’s time to begin writing a draft of your paper. Using the outline you created in the last assignment in this text, complete a draft of your paper. Remember, a draft does not have to be perfect. Stick to your outline and focus on creating well-constructed paragraphs for each point on your outline. One way to be sure that you don’t stray from your original ideas is to save a new copy of your outline as a draft. Then, you can simply begin writing your paragraphs on your outline. This will help you stay on track with your argument! Another bonus is that it allows you to write the sections that you feel confident about first.

Here’s a sample draft based on the outline given in the last assignment:

Sample Draft of an Ad Analysis Paper

Posting Your Paper for Peer Review

Because peer review is a reciprocal process, it is important that you take your responsibility to present a complete draft as seriously as you take your responsibility to give good feedback to your peers. Here are some tips to follow:

1)   Always post a complete paper.   It is your responsibility to post a complete draft for your peers.  Your classmates are going to give you their time to help you get a better grade on your paper.  Show them you appreciate their efforts by posting a paper that is complete, in the proper format, and spell checked.  Posting a sloppily done paper is inconsiderate and misses the point of the process.

2)  Always post your paper ON TIME!  Your peers have busy lives, too, and expecting them to review your paper after the deadline isn’t fair to them. Be considerate of others’ time by posting your paper before the deadline.

3) Don’t forget to attach the paper in doc/docx format with your name in the title of the post. Remember, Word is required for assignment submission in this course. Posting your paper correctly ensures that everyone will be able to read your paper.

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