Have you used Canva?

I’ve had several people comment on images/flyers that I’ve created this semester. It always makes me smile because I know how very easy it was to create them! For those of us who don’t have a knack for graphic design, Canva.com offers a fantastic short-cut to well-crafted images and documents. Whether you are wanting to update the look of your online courses or create a flyer advertising your spring classes, Canva.com is a fantastic (and, mostly, free) resource.

Just create a free account with Canva, and you, too, can make beautiful flyers like this one (shameless plug for Beth’s amazing Women in Lit course) :

women in lit

I also use Canva for my badges, which I discuss here.  

And I really love Canva for my course images:

If you haven’t explored Canva.com, it’s a fantastic resource that I use regularly for great images.