OER Textbooks

The Worry Free Writer is the product of over 20 years of experience in teaching composition. Dr. Palmer directs students through the Writing Process, while teaching them a simple Writing Formula that they can use to help take the stress out of writing for academic purposes.

This text is a comprehensive textbook for first year composition, including instruction for standard essays covered in ENG 101, as well as writing the literature based essays typically covered in ENG 102.

Say Her Name is a text created for a 200 level Women in Literature course. In this text, students will be reading and thinking critically about work written by and about women over about a 1500 year period. From non-fiction to drama to poetry and short fiction, students will study many different kinds of literature from a variety of voices and perspectives.

In Diving Into Rhetoric, students will study the ways in which rhetoric and communication developed over time, they’ll learn about the different rhetorical tools that are used for effective communication, and they’ll practice using those tools in their own compositions.

The RoughWriter’s Guide is a writing handbook designed specifically for Yavapai College students. The Guide provides students with help navigating academic writing, including all aspects of the writing process, MLA and APA formatting, and grammatical and mechanical issues.