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    Instruction…What is it good for?

    Is it just me, or does this sum up the state of education today? How many kids are getting by with the help of Google and “Hey, Siri”? Back in the good old days, students might buddy up to do homework, but at least that resulted in a collaboration of sorts. A dialog about the questions, the answers, where they are found in the text, drawing out diagrams, giving examples–in short, learning was happening. In math, when we looked at the back of the book for the right answer, we still had to be able to do the work to get the credit! But Google doesn’t foster learning–it just gives…

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    Classroom Management/Community Building

      It never failed. Every year at the end of the school year when we opened up our report cards to see what teacher we would have the next year, the name on my report card was without fail the teacher no one wanted. They were mean or strict or tough. And I would begin every year with fear and trepidation…and end up loving those teachers wholeheartedly. I have been privileged throughout my life with amazing teachers. Not only were they innovative in teaching, but they recognized their students as individuals, challenging us to, not only do our best, but to BE our best. In 4th grade, I had Mrs.…

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    Using Canvas

    I just received a text from a friend who teaches for another institution that is just transitioning over to using Canvas from Blackboard. I well remember the early frustration of trying to get everything re-organized, but now I can’t imagine going back. For those of you struggling to organize your new Canvas course, I thought I’d include a link to an open Canvas course I created for a conference presentation last year. Feel free to browse, but if you click on the ENG 102 button at the bottom, you’ll enter the complete Canvas shell for my ENG102 course, which has been QM certified. I have made some updates since then,…