Using Canvas

I just received a text from a friend who teaches for another institution that is just transitioning over to using Canvas from Blackboard. I well remember the early frustration of trying to get everything re-organized, but now I can’t imagine going back. For those of you struggling to organize your new Canvas course, I thought I’d include a link to an open Canvas course I created for a conference presentation last year.

e course canvas screenshot

Feel free to browse, but if you click on the ENG 102 button at the bottom, you’ll enter the complete Canvas shell for my ENG102 course, which has been QM certified. I have made some updates since then, but it will give you some good ideas for organizing your content.

Here’s the link to self-enroll: https://canvas.instructure.com/enroll/MNWRJ3

If you’d like to have TA status so you can export content, just send me a message. 🙂