53 Novel Anthology

The following is a collection of novels that are considered classics in literature. They are listed in alphabetical order by the author’s last name. I have included the author, title, genre, and publication year in the table.

Novels in the public domain can be read online through Gutenberg. Simply click on the title to be taken to the novel. Modern novels are linked directly to the Yavapai College Library (anything after 1938). All titles listed here have at least one film adaptation.




Year Published

imageLouisa May Alcott Little Women Mid-19th Century American Lit 1868
imageIsabel Allende The House of Spirits Magical Realism 1982
imageJulia Alvarez In the Time of Butterflies Historical Fiction 1994
imageRudolfo Anaya Bless Me, Ultima Chicano Literature 1972
imageJane Austen Emma Early 19th century British Fiction 1815
imageCharlotte Bronte Jane Eyre British Lit 1847
imageEmily Bronte Wuthering Heights Romantic/Gothic British Lit 1847
imageJohn Bunyan Pilgrim’s Progress Christian Allegory 1678
imageKate Chopin The Awakening Late-19th Century American Lit 1899
imageSandra Cisneros House on Mango Street Chicano Literature 1984
imageJoseph Conrad Victory Psychological Novel 1915
imageCharles Dickens Great Expectations Early British Lit 1861
imageArthur Conan Doyle The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes British Mystery 1892
imageLaura Esquirel Like Water for Chocolate Magical Realism 1989
imageF. Scott Fitzgerald This Side of Paradise Early-20th Century American Lit 1920

William Goldman

Princess Bride Fantasy Romance 1973
imageNathaniel Hawthorne The Scarlet Letter Mid-19th Century American Lit 1850
imageErnest Hemingway The Sun Also Rises Modernist 1926
imageFrank Herbert Dune Science Fiction 1965
imageKhalid Hosseini The Kite Runner Modern Fiction 2003
imageHarper Lee To Kill a Mockingbird Southern Gothic Fiction 1960
imageMarco Vargas Llosa Feast of the Goat Peruvian Novel 2000
imageYann Martel Life of Pi Modern Fiction 2001
imageIan McEwan Atonement British Metafiction 2001
imageHerman Melville Moby Dick Adventure 1851
imageGeorge Orwell 1984 Dystopian Lit 1949
imageAyn Rand Anthem Early American Dystopian 1938

Peter Rock

My Abandonment Modern Fiction 2010
imageJ. D. Salinger Catcher in the Rye Modern Fiction 1945
imageSapphire Push Modern Fiction 1996
imageMary Wollstonecraft Shelley Frankenstein Gothic British Lit 1818
imageJohn Steinbeck Grapes of Wrath American Realist Novel 1939
imageRobert Louis Stevenson Treasure Island Adventure Novel 1881
imageKathryn Stockett The Help Historical Fiction 2009

J.R.R. Tolkein

Lord of the Rings Epic High-Fantasy 1954
imageMark Twain The Tragedy of Pudd’nhead Wilson Late-19th Century American Lit 1893
imageOscar Wilde The Picture of Dorian Gray Gothic British Lit 1890

Note: All images are directly linked to their source on Wikipedia, Project Gutenberg, or the YC Library Catalog.


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