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I have been teaching composition for over twenty years, and what I have found is that, for many students, taking a composition course causes anxiety because they believe that they are just not good at writing. However, the truth is that, while some people do have a natural ability to express themselves, becoming a good writer simply takes practice. It has been a privilege to witness hundreds (perhaps even thousands) of students become better writers as they follow the guidelines I will share in this text.

My goal is to help you gain confidence in your own writing ability by teaching you a simple Writing Formula that you can use to write anything, from a blog post to a doctoral dissertation! The Writing Formula will help you to create better organized, more effective papers with much less time and stress. Once you have learned this formula, you’ll be able to add your own style to your writing and adapt it to any assignment given to you.

In addition to the Writing Formula, you will also learn the writing process, which includes brainstorming, outlining, drafting, revision, editing, and publishing. As you work through this text, you will practice using the Writing Formula as I take you through the steps of the writing process three times. You’ll write an analysis, an evaluation, and an argument–three of the most common types of writing assignments you might see in your time as a student. In addition, you’ll find helpful sections on common grammar issues and lessons on both MLA and APA formatting. Like the many students who have gone before, I know that the skills you learn here will help you to become a better and more confident writer.

Wishing you much success!

Dr. Karen Palmer


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